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Cheap Trendy Clothes

“Never judge a book by its cover.” “Dress as you want to be addressed.” “Dress for the job you want, not for the job you have.”

We have become accustomed to hearing adages like these about physical appearances. No matter where you lean, you will agree that we judge people by how our senses perceive them, and our most dominant sense is sight. Hence, we judge people as a function of the clothes they wear. This is not an article to debate whether it is wrong or right to judge people because of their fashion sense. So, let’s quickly get that out of the way.

Since time immemorial, a premium is placed on style and substance. Even in its most “basic” form (think cave men and animal skin clothing), clothes served functions beyond covering nakedness. They portray personality, mood, status, and role in society, jobs, etc. With the evolution of fashion and society, we have come a long way, and clothes have a more prominent role.

Look out your window, and you can almost guess where everyone is headed or how they want to be portrayed. Some people go out of their way to look ordinary and blend with the crowd, while others prefer high-fashion, stylish clothes. Some people only wear a particular brand because they want to be associated with that brand. Others dress to conform to societal standards, while others use their style to flip off society – take a bow, alternative dressers.

Modern Fashion

The concept of modern fashion is loosely defined, which is a tribute to the style itself. Modern fashion is dressing in a style that is personal to you but is largely based on what passes as the common trend or style “on the streets.”

Modern fashion shares some similar characteristics with fashion trends of the past. Some features of fashion from different eras are evident in what passes as cute trendy clothes today. However, these stylish clothes have too many distinguishing factors from styles of years past. Below are some of the differences between modern fashion and its predecessors:

  • Modern fashion is the product of advancements in the textile industry. Hence, people have access to cheap fashion clothes more than in the past.
  • Modern fashion prioritizes comfort. This is evident in cute affordable clothes that have become the norm instead of layers of restrictive clothing materials.
  • Modern fashion is more casual, with fewer rules and social norms to conform to.
  • Less shopping occurs in person or involves tailors. More shoppers now prefer to find the best online clothes shopping in the most comfortable way that they can.

Modern fashion is not a one-way street. A fitting description would be a dynamic three-dimensional mosaic of style that constantly evolves and infuses both legacy and futuristic elements. In layman's terms, modern fashion is ever-changing and can swing towards past trends or novel ideas.

Types of Fashion Styles

  • Vintage Fashion Style – Vintage styles are fashion trends inspired by a previous era. If one goes far enough, most of fashion is vintage because it takes inspiration from the past. For some specificity, vintage fashion is typically from trends that were popular between 1920 and 1970. Before industrial textile manufacturing, making clothing materials involved extensive manual labor, with a product that favored function over style. In fact, celebrities, as seen from photos and videos from that era, wore clothing items that inspire the vintage fashion we see today. Cute trendy clothes that look like original vintage are now mass-produced and sold cheaply.
  • Bohemian Fashion Style – Nicknamed the “boho” or “boho chic” style, this fashion style draws inspiration from the 60s and 70s. It is associated with free-spirithood across the world. These stylish clothes usually have natural colors, designs, and patterns, made from non-artificial textile and and methods. Its distinguishing factors include long skirts, large brimmed hats, suede, slouchy handbags, maxi dresses, etc.
  • Artsy Fashion Style – The artsy fashion style is characterized by unconventional, bold, and colorful fashion items. People that favor this fashion style cannot be bothered by any fashion rules. Rather, they create their unique style. This style is a combination of three essences – dramatic, natural, and high-spirited.

The drama is seen in the exaggeration of size and material. The loose fit and hand-made fabrics demonstrate nature while the patterns, combinations, and unpredictability portray high spirits. Anyone can pull off this look with the right combination of cute affordable clothes and native-looking jewelry.

  • Casual Fashion Style – This is a broad fashion term that covers the entire spectrum, from the “classic girl next door” look to a hot summer family outfit. It is synonymous with comfortable t-shirts, jeans, cargo shorts, sneakers, and flat boots. In essence, this is dressing not to stand out from the crowd. Casual fashion is not a lack of fashion sense or confidence. It can also make an audible fashion statement as not trying too hard.
  • Street Style Fashion – Streetwear fashion is a fashion style inspired by street culture and youthful casualness. It is heavily influenced by sneaker culture, the skateboarders of Califonia, and New York hipsters. It gained popularity in the 80s and 90s with affordable, trendy clothes such as logo t-shirts, hoodies, sneakers, baseball caps, etc.
  • The street style fashion is one of the most developed styles, and it is a whole movement that has spread among youths around the world. Its primary allure is that it allows youths to express their individuality in a community through cute trendy clothes without compromising comfort.
  • Classic Fashion Style – A classic fashion style is one that stays in vogue for several seasons. They are rarely jaw-droppers. However, they remain durable and dependable year in year out, year after year. They include clothing items like running shoes, everyday office wear, bomber jackets, khakis, etc. They are typically cheap fashion clothes because of their abundance and ordinary nature.
  • Korean Fashion Style – Korea is an emerging name in the fashion industry and is rapidly closing up to traditional names like Milan and Paris. Fashion styles have a lot in common, but there is enough variation to this fashion style to earn a place on this list. A major feature of the Korean fashion style is the Hongdae Street Style. It is popular among youths in their early twenties, and features looks rooted in rock and hip hop. The Korean society is conservative, and it translates to fashion. They favor baggy, neutral, and oversized clothes that cover their shoulders and crests. They are not afraid to reveal their legs, though.

The most distinctive feature is their love for wearing layers of clothing. Hence, a typical look is an unbuttoned shirt or trench coat over a strap dress showing legs and knee-high boots.

Top Fashion Brands

There are three basic human needs – food, shelter, and clothing. As a direct consequence, these three items will continue to remain in high demand until humans find an alternative. Fashions brands continue to spring up both locally and internationally, and it seems like the sky is big enough for every bird to flourish. However, some brands have gained international recognition, and even fewer have become so recognizable. It only takes a glance at their colors or logo to pinpoint them.

These top fashion brands gained international reputation because of their quality, affordability, exclusivity, etc. Below is a list of some of the top fashion brands in the world based on market capitalization and valuation. Some are synonymous with exclusive designs that only the elite can afford, while others made their name by putting out cheap stylish clothes that anyone can afford.

Some names instantly spring to mind when you think of the biggest fashion brands in the world. They include Nike, Gucci, ZARA, Adidas, H & M, chanel, Hermes, to name a few.

Current Fashion Trends

Fashion trends are constantly evolving, and the pervading fashion style is what passes as modern fashion. It is important to note the difference between fashion trends and fads. Fashion trends usually gain general acceptance because they are comfortable and attainable for almost anyone. However, fads pop around every other year, look like they are about to gain mainstream acceptance and return to obscurity. These styles are for only the brave that can pull them off. Hence, they do not make this list for fashion trends. You see fashion trends everywhere you look on social media, pop and youth culture, street style, celebrities, etc. Below is the list of the current fashion trends:

  • Puff sleeves – Puff sleeves are incredibly versatile are strongly in style this time around. They add life, vigor, and comfort to your stylish clothes without compromising on warmth.
  • Shackets – Are they shirts? Are they jackets? Maybe they are both! Shackets are thicker than regular flannel shirts but lighter than jackets. They are also incredibly versatile and work in combination with almost anything – tank top, leggings, jeans, turtlenecks, an extra layer of clothing in cold weather, etc.
  • Chunky soles and flatforms – This trend has been around for a while but is finally crossing over from sneakers only to casual footwear. They are a healthy (more comfortable) alternative to high heel shoes and have a classic look about them.
  • Oversized clothes/loose cuts – The trend is also shifting from tight-fitting styles to more free-flowing attires. Skin-tights are slowly making way for oversized sweaters, flowing dresses, boxy blouses, etc.
  • Pink – Pink is having a big year, from dresses to pants.
  • Floral prints – Floral dresses and tops are the garden party stoppers this year. You can do no wrong with the proper selection of florals. Affordable, trendy clothes with floral designs come in large scattered bouquets, dense buds, bold and vivid blooms, etc.

Honorable mentions include –

  • Bucket hats
  • High waist pants
  • Boiler suits
  • Candy-colored sweatpants

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How to find your style?

This may sound corny but first, look at your closet. Understand your body and personality. Find inspiration and make sure that the new clothes fit. Above all, never sacrifice comfort.

How to be fashionable?

Looking fashionable is an attitude, not the price tag on your clothes. If you still need help, try to pick colors that you are comfortable in – it boosts your confidence by staying in your comfort zone. Wear matching sets – it is simply doing more with less. And never forget your footwear. They say a lot about you.

How to make simple clothes look fashionable?

There are a few tips here, but the key is creativity. Take that simple cloth, stand in front of a mirror and try something different. Knot your button-down shirt to show a little waist, wear layers of clothing, and throw on a belt to hold the layers together, cuff your jeans, etc. The possibilities are endless with a bit of imagination.

What clothes are trending?

Finding the trending clothes is not as easy as you think. No matter the designer’s antics, a design cannot become a trend if it does not gain mass acceptance. Look out your window, go on social media and check out what celebrities are wearing. That is where you find trendy clothes.

How to find good quality clothes?

The options are limitless, depending on how you like to shop. You can ask friends, family members, or co-workers for referrals. However, if you are like most and prefer online clothes shopping, you can check out our catalog here.